South Carolina Aeronautics Commission

Pilots undergo rigorous annual, recurrent training. King Airs are maintained to the highest FAA standards. Mechanics are Beechcraft/Raytheon trained with complete periodic update training. The Aeronautics safety record is superb. In 2010, the National Business Aircraft Association (NBAA) presented Aeronautics with a 75 Year Award recognizing our outstanding safety record. To date, we have flown over 77 years and 91,280 hours without an accident.

Aircraft Use Policy Statement

The Aeronautic's aircrafts are available as a means of providing on-demand air transportation. The use of the aircrafts and the passengers are determined by the individual reserving and authorizing the trip; i.e. Governor, legislator, Constitutional officer, etc. Passengers sign as they board and the flight authorizer signs the manifest and certifies the purpose of the flight.

Flights in the King Airs have a pilot and copilot. All flight decisions during operation are made by the “pilot-in-command” (PIC). These decisions are based on numerous factors such as time of the flight and airplane performance, weather at departure and destination, air traffic, and/or other pertinent information gathered by the pilots. Passengers do not contribute to decisions made by the PIC. Aeronautics follows all Federal Aviation Regulations.

Aeronautics has posted the Flight Logs and Manifests to this web page.  Flight Logs and Manifests are posted at completion of flights.  The minutes of the Aeronautics Commission meetings are posted on the website within two business days after the Commission approves the minutes.  Any FOIA requests to the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission or to the Flight Department must be in writing and mailed to the attention of the

Executive Director or the Chief Pilot at:
2553 Airport Blvd
West Columbia, South Carolina 29170

All requests for information will be answered within fifteen business days.

Ground Transportation:

Passengers are responsible for their own ground transportation at the destination airport. Rental cars, taxies, limousine service, and trains are available at different airports. Aeronautics will be glad to provide a destination phone number for passengers to make arrangements.

2553 Airport Blvd., West Columbia, South Carolina 29170-2142    
(803) 896-6262
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